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Written by Laser Tag 5 March 20th, 2019

Immersive Laser Tag: An Experience That Customers Never Forget

The boring days of “tag-your-it” are long gone, replaced by laser tag and game-changing Immersive Arenas designed to excite customers of all ages. Laser tag has become the latest sensation in entertainment around the world, with new 3D arenas that give customers a sense that they are immersed in a movie set. Laser tag is a safe, non-contact attraction that utilizes transmitters (LEDs) placed on multiple points of a player worn vest. Each vest is accompanied by a sensitivity rifle that has a focusing lens, and a very narrow field of view that can detect the transmitters only when pointed straight at them. The rifles act as a remote, just like a remote used for television sets.

Over time, the game and sport have evolved to different styles of play and fun in-game formats that go beyond the general tagging experience. Laser tag themes and settings can vary including combat simulators, role play-style games, and sport competitions involving tactical configurations and game goals.

As the equipment and in-game formats have evolved, so too has laser tag arenas. Customers of all ages 5 and older are lining up to experience immersive laser tag and the fun in-game formats that can be played for a more enjoyable experience. A big reason why laser tag has emerged as a key player for FEC customers is due to Arc Studios, who have revolutionized the laser tag experience by creating Immersive Arenas that incorporate 3D graphics to capture the human imagination and experience. Arc Studios talented group of professional designers work with FEC’s across the United States to create a unique and customized experience for FEC’s that keeps customers’ coming back for more. Whether you want a western style theme or an underwater sea adventure, Arc Studios can design an amazing arena that will get the juices flowing for any customer. Take a peek at some of Arc Studios latest arena build projects…

It is nearly sundown and a dual is about to take place at the OK Corral. One of Arc Studios latest projects features Pla Mor Entertainment, a western-themed 3,800 square foot facility that could put a smile on the face of even Clint Eastwood. As players walk through the saloon doors in anticipation of a laser tag gear-up, they get a small taste of the old west with Hollywood artistry. Customers become immersed in the experience and forget the real world for a moment to enjoy some non-stop laser tag action.


Pla Mor Entertainment in Loredo, Texas


Flashback to Jurassic Park alert! If you are into adventures with some Jurassic terror, then look no further than Launch Trampoline Park in Deptford, New Jersey. Former NFL player and Business Owner Jason Avant asked Arc Studios to build a 1,800 square foot laser tag arena that incorporated both tactical and traditional laser tag. Players get the thrills from life-like 3D imagery that makes them feel as if they are experiencing the hunt immersed in a jungle.


Launch Trampoline Park in Deptford, New Jersey


As players experience the arenas and the excitement of laser tag, they are also building key skills by enhancing team-building, bonding, communication, creativity, coordination, and logic. Laser tag is an ideal activity for any entertainment center hosted event. Whether hosting birthday parties and group activities, or team building and corporate events, laser tag makes for an ideal experience that is sure to be the talk of the town, and drive more sales revenue for any family entertainment center. Laser tag can be incorporated into most bowling center floor plans, generally requiring between 3,000 to 4,500 square feet of space, and can hold up to 30 participants per game.

Depending on the laser tag system you are using, game formats and names can vary. Below are some of the more popular laser tag game formats out there:

Top 10 Laser Tag Game Formats


Solo is a game where players compete against each other in a solo free for all. The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

Solo Elimination

Solo Elimination is a game where players compete against one another in a solo free for all. Players start with limited power. If a player runs out of power, they are eliminated for the game.


Team is a tactical game in which players must work together in teams. The team with the highest point score at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Human Flags

Human Flags is like Base Flags, only that one player can be designated as the player who can score their team a point for tagging the other team’s base.

Capture the Flag

Players must capture the opponent’s base then return to their own base to score. Players cannot score if their base signature is on another enemy player.


In this game format, players compete against each other in a solo free-for-all. The game runs continuously and players can join the game at any time.

Base Flags

The Base Flags game is a team-oriented game where teams attempt to score as many points as possible by tagging an opponent’s base.

One Tag All

In this game format, a player tags another player, all players in the game (except the player who did the tagging) are deactivated.

One Tag Team

In this team game format, a player tags a player on the opposing team, the entire opposing team is deactivated at the same time.


In this solo elimination style game, players are given a predetermined amount of deactivations. Unlike a standard elimination game, when a player tags an opponent, that player gains additional deactivations from the tagged opposition.

Want to see Arc Studios immersive laser tag arenas for yourself? If you are attending the 2019 Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, then visit Arc Studios at booth #1103 and see amazing craftsmanship and artwork on display as they showcase an immersive laser tag arena and release of their latest Free Roam Virtual Reality game Eclipse; an out of this world experience, literally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser tag dangerous?

No, laser tag is not dangerous. Laser tag is a non-contact sport that uses transmitters (LEDs) placed on multiple points of a player worn vest. Each vest is accompanied by a sensitivity rifle that has a focusing lens, and a very narrow field of view that can detect the transmitters only when pointed straight at them. The rifle acts like a remote, such as the one used to change the channel on your television that sends a signal when the rifle is aligned with the target on the vest.

How does laser tag work?

Laser tag is a game played by all ages 5 and up. Each player wears a vest that has transmitter targets attached throughout and is accompanied by a sensitivity rifle that when pointed on target at another player’s transmitter will send a signal to award points for the successful players. Laser tag is a timed match, can be played on teams or individual play and in different themes like capture the flag.

How much space do you need for laser tag?

For an optimal play experience, 24 – 30 players are recommended in an arena space of 3,000 – 4,500 square feet. The average size of a birthday party is about 12 kids, so if you have a 30 player capacity, it allows you to fit 2 birthday parties per game with space for walk-in traffic.

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