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Written by Laser Tag 6 May 13th, 2019

A Quick Fix For Laser Tag Arena Market Saturation: Remodel or Renovate

Operators of laser tag arenas cross a certain threshold where sales begin to slow down as a result of market saturation. Market saturation is the point where the market is no longer generating new demand for a business product, due to competition, decreased need, obsolescence, or some other factor. So, how do operators combat market saturation? Is there a quick fix to the problem? If your laser tag arena is experiencing market saturation, this blog will help provide some insights to remedy your market saturation woes.

You may not know if your arena is experiencing market saturation. To determine market saturation, we need to measure the extent of the laser tag sales volume relative to the number of potential customers.

How to measure the extent of a product’s sales volume relative to the number of potential customers (expressed as a percentage):

(Product Sales Volume x 100) ÷ # of total potential customers

Once you have determined the percentage, next we’ll need to know how long your laser tag arena has been operating with the same layout and design. As previously stated, a major cause of market saturation is obsolescence in large part due to an outdated layout and/or design. As customers experience the various game styles offered, over time, their experience begins to go stale, as the theme and layout are unchanged. The customer no longer wants to play because, in their mind, they’ve “been there, done that” too often. This customer experience may also be factored by outliers such as competitor market penetration. A new competitor penetrates the market with a new laser tag arena, offering the latest and greatest equipment, layout, and design. Never fear, there are simple solutions that cost far less money than you would think and help get your laser tag arena back on the fast-track to increasing sales.



Jurassic Quest Laser Tag – Colonial Bowl

Arc-Studios, the top Immersive Laser Tag Arena builder, specializes in remodeling and renovations to help combat market saturation issues laser tag arena operators face. Arc-Studios laser tag arena builds are designed specifically for the family entertainment center customers and the space within the facility. All builds are done on-location at the family entertainment center, cutting unnecessary additional overhead costs that other arena builders generally add-on to the project. They work closely with the center owners to develop a layout and theme that is sure to excite customers.

So, what is the difference between a remodel and a renovation? Let’s take a look at both options and some examples of Arc-Studios latest work to help identify a solution to laser tag market saturation.

Laser Tag Arena Remodel

A laser tag arena remodel refers to a change in the layout. Examples of laser tag arena remodels include the replacement of walls and interior structures, along with new paint, lighting, and equipment to give your laser tag arena a whole new look and feel that provides customers a fresh experience with the new laser tag layout.

Jungle Rapids – Remodel Project

A great example of an FEC that improved their laser tag sales volume through a remodel is Jungle Rapids in Wilmington, NC. In 2012, Jungle Rapids reached out to Arc-Studios to redesign the original theme of their existing laser tag arena, updating the paint, adding lighting, and new equipment. The original theme, “Alien Invasion”, was inspired by the movie “Aliens”. As with most laser tag arenas, over time, the original arena became outdated, missing the right lighting that would accentuate the painted themes, new paint for a revamped look that would give customers the type of experience that would drive more interest in playing Alien Invasion at Jungle Rapids. Arc-Studios came in and revamped the theme with new paint, lighting, and laser tag equipment. This helped increase new customers and increase in repeat play over the next 4 years, ramping up their laser tag sales revenue. But over time, a complete change was required as sales and repeat play began to slow down. Jungle Rapids needed a new solution and by 2016, Jungle Rapids contacted Arc-Studios to remodel, requiring demolition of the entire arena and building from scratch. Jungle Rapids wanted a new theme to go with the remodel, so they decided on a space adventure theme to replace Alien Invasion. The new design incorporated new elements, a revamped operator’s booth, walls, structures, paint, and lighting that gave the arena a truly out-of-this-world customer experience. With the remodeled laser tag arena and theme, Jungle Rapids would provide their customers a whole new experience, a boost in sales and repeat play, and a higher return-on-investment.

Check out the Alien Invasion arena laser tag images prior to the remodel:



The remodel took 10 days to complete, and all work was performed outside of the business operating hours to get the project completed ahead of schedule. Jungle Rapids General Manager, Doug Bryant, was thrilled with the results of his new laser tag arena, adding, “I like the new theme and our customers can’t believe the small amount of space they utilized in order to complete the arena. The arena seems so much bigger on the inside, it is amazing what a remodel can do. Working with Arc-Studios was very easy, they tried to accommodate all of our business needs. This was a really good investment.” As a result of the remodel, within the first year, Jungle Rapids laser tag sales volume increased by 20%. The new layout, design, lighting, and theme drew more crowds, increasing their customers and repeat play sales. Upgrading the laser tag arena via remodeling proved to be a valuable investment for Jungle Rapids, and the return on investment speaks for itself.

Check out Jungle Rapids new laser tag arena images after the remodel:



This is just one example of how laser tag arena operators can optimize their sales through Arc-Studios solutions with an arena remodel.

Laser Tag Arena Renovation

A laser tag theme redesign is when there is a change in the design of the arena. Examples of theme redesigns include new paint and designs on the walls, lighting adjustments, and changes to other moveable fixtures that accentuate the arena floor. For instance, an old theme design featured space aliens versus cowboys, and the new design might feature a Jurassic Park theme like Jurassic Quest at Colonial Bowl.

Jurassic Quest – Renovation Project

Colonial Bowl in Lawrenceville, NJ reached out to Arc-Studios to redesign their existing laser tag arena. The original arena was outdated and needed a new theme. The arena lacked the right artwork and lighting that would make for a more immersive laser tag experience. The arena needed a whole new look and Arc-Studios was up for the task. The paint was dull and needed a complete facelift. With Arc-Studios professional artists and designers, they knew just what Colonial Bowl was looking for when they collaborated on Jurassic Quest. Offering a new theme with the right touch of paint and lighting would give the arena the facelift it needed to attract more laser tag customers and increase repeat play sales.

Check out Colonial Bowl Laser Tag arena prior to the renovation:



The business owners wanted a Jurassic Park-like theme and worked with Arc-Studios to create “Jurassic Quest”. Colonial Bowl Owner, Ellen Lynn, said “our original facility was outdated with an outer-space theme and needed a whole new theme to attract new customers and existing customers more often in our market. We wanted to go with a dinosaur theme. Arc-Studios team of expert designers and builders accommodated all of our needs and were able to install the entire arena in less than 2-weeks.” The team worked round the clock and outside of operating hours to get the project completed ahead of schedule. Ellen added, “Arc-Studios allowed me to be more involved with the project, as I created some of my own elements (explorer backpacks & dinosaurs) to add to the arena, it was a great experience for me as an owner.” Ellen was quite pleased with the results of the Jurassic Quest arena and Colonial Bowl is generating more revenue as a result of the remodel with an anticipated Return-on-Investment within a year from the project completion.

Check out the new Jurassic Quest Laser Tag arena images after the renovation:



This is just one example of how laser tag arena operators can optimize their sales through Arc-Studios solutions with an arena redesign.

Making an additional investment into your laser tag arena can be a tough call. Arc-Studios is here to make the process easier and less costly so you can meet your laser tag sales goals.

Thinking about remodeling or changing the laser tag arena theme?

Contact Arc Studios to help identify laser tag solutions that fit your business needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you need for a laser tag arena?

For an optimal play experience, 24 – 30 players are recommended in an arena space of 3,000 – 4,500 square feet. The average size of a birthday party is about 12 kids, so if you have a 30 player capacity, it allows you to fit 2 birthday parties per game with space for walk-in traffic.

How long does a laser tag arena theme redesign take to complete?

Depending on the scope of work, generally, a laser tag arena theme redesign can take between 1 to 2 weeks.

How long does a laser tag arena remodel take to complete?

Depending on the scope of work, generally, a laser tag arena remodel can take between 1 to 2 weeks.

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